Feb 6, 2011

A Coincidental Run In With Love

I don’t normally discuss my “feelings”… Or at least I like to think so.

I am not an overly optimistic person when it comes to “Love”. I just don’t know if it exists out there for Sherine. Not in a pessimistic sense however, more like a realistic sense. I make some decisions in my life based on intuition and pure gut feelings but when it comes to matters of the heart I am, admittedly, a coward.

I have never been “hurt” by a lover or cheated on or anything like that; but I have observed the women, both old and young, around me and their situation is not good. I spend so much time being strong for them that I am weak for myself. I will not take the chance of getting hurt so it is probably partly my fault that I am single. Never the less, I am rather cynical about the subject when it has to deal with me.
So last week, I walked home from the bus stop unusually cheery.
A guy was dropping his girlfriend to the bus stop as I got off but I paid them no mind.
I think I was thinking about singing…
Any who, I heard him say “excuse me” so I stopped.
He was on the phone with his girlfriend and he wanted to find out about my boots. Gladly I told him.
She had a question so I spoke to her for a bit on where I bought it etc. In my head I thought “aww, how cute.”

I kept walking then I hear him say excuse me again:

“I have a question, would you like if your boyfriend proposes to you on Valentine’s Day? I want to propose to my girlfriend but I’m so nervous. What if she’s not ready?”

I looked to the sky.

“She would love that. Trust me.”
We went on to talk about how long they’ve been together and I gave him some pointers on how/where to propose, then we parted ways.
I walked away and had to have a quick talk with God.
“God, was that your idea of a joke? Because it wasn’t funny,” I giggled.
I am definitely not one of the ring-hungry women out there but I thought it was a bit ironic that this sweet guy who is super in love with his girlfriend asked me, the biggest relationship cynic, for proposal advice. My advice was genuine and in the moment, all I could feel was love and excitement, like I’d be there myself.
Guess I’m not as big of a cynic as I thought.
Even a doubter has her weak moments I guess.



  1. Awwwww... That's sweet. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is difficult. I don't think I've ever done it and I look forward to the day I can. But I beleive there is a whole other realm that opens up with it and I can't wait to go there!

  2. Wow! Really enjoyed reading this post, it's funny when ladies say they are not the romantic type or the one who cares for the ring end up being the crazy one at the end of the day...my eyes are on you...:=)

  3. I love this pic...anything IN LOVE I love.



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