Feb 13, 2011

A Little Sunday Encouragement: 5 Simple Rules To Happiness

I'm working diligently to learn how to live by all of these rules.

One thing I can speak on is freeing your heart from hatred.
That is a fundamental step in becoming the best you that you can be.
When you stay mad, the object of your frustration goes on with their lives.
The only thing that happens is that hate eats you up inside... It makes you bitter and angry.
Don't let this happen to you.
It will never benefit YOU.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and will enjoy their Sunday.



  1. What a beautiful post. These are most definitely wonderful rules to live by! :)

  2. I definitely agree with this. :)


  3. Lovely post! And thankyou for your comment on my blog!

  4. Love this post! Great words to live by.


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