Feb 2, 2011

New Video: Rihanna "S&M" Creates Controversy As Usual

Rihanna released the official video for her song S&M off her LOUD album.
The track is one of my favorites on the album because it's so in your face and unapologetic.
The little feminist in me takes over when the song plays. Anytime, Anywhere!
Rihanna is sexy yet playful at the same time in the new music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas.
I'm glad she took the concept completely left field and made it NOT about sex but about her relationship to the media.
With a song and lyrics like that of S&M, it would have been VERY easy to go down the
"Raunchy-skank-a-dank-dank" road... but she didn't. 
Thank you Rih. Thank you.
Although I thank her, other people think differently. According to MTV News, The S&M video has been deemed "inappropriate" on youtube and banned in 11 countries because of it's lyrics.
BBC1 has also decided to play the track only after 7 p.m

Click "READ MORE" for the video, more pics, and more news... 
"Cause I may be BAD but i'm perfectly GOOD at it!"
I love that video is about two things.
It's showing her seducing the media purpousely and asking for the attention but it shows that she is also the victim at times.
She's taped to a wall, pictures are taken of her, they write things about her yet she starts to love it again.
She really poops on the media lol.
She has Perez Hilton on a leash, the other media tied up and gagged looking rather nerdy.
I think it's telling for the simple fact that Rihanna has a very love/hate relationship with the press.
The fact that she is assuming her role as both sadist and masochist is a new spin on how a celebrity views themselves in the media.

She looks like a red headed curly sue! I absolutely ADORE the red curls.
My favorite beauty shot is the one of her laying on a desk wearing a pink and orange latex dress while being surrounded by the press. Very gorgeous. The lighting, the makeup, the pop of colors...

My second fav is  yellow playboy bunny ears and black stilettos. I am a big Jessica Rabbit fan and she looks VERY Jessica-esque in these shots. The glamourous curls, the fur... :-)
She is covered with headlines and quotes that include "Rihanna the goat" and “I could see myself in a relationship with a girl”. She looks great walking around in a white plastic bikini with gloves, a headpiece, knee-length boots and colorful makeup while making the press her prisoners.

SIDENOTE: How'd she get pink popcorn!?

Lol hilarious... Perez is too much
Rih Rih tweeted
She does have a point. I think the video was very tastefully done but the lyrics are VERY raunchy... No matter how much you try to sweeten up the video, you can't change
"U can now view the S&M video on Rihannanow.com UNFLAGGED!!!"
"They watched Umbrella ... I was full nude."
"Cause I may be bad but i'm perfectly good at it/ Sex in the air/ I don't care/ I love the smell of it/ Sticks and stones may break my bones/ But chains and whips excite me"

There's just no way lol.


  1. ahhhh i love me some riri gotta go check out the video asap looks fun!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. I love Rihanna the song is great and I will now watch the video..but something tells my I would love it!!


  3. I actually loved the cocept of the video..and Rihanna can never do any wrong in my eyes!. She's human just liek that rest. I do think though that because of the content it should have certain restictions. We do have younger folks on the net that don't need to some of the things that were in the video.

    She's looks GORGEOUS and I LOOOVE that RED curly hair!

  4. I loved this video when I saw it on another blog. What people fail to realize is that when Rhianna came out she was under someone else's direction that wanted her to be the "good girl". Now we're seeing the REAL Rhianna. Good for her for letting it all hang out.


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