Feb 28, 2011

New Video: "Where You At" - Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has me in complete awe at this point.
Her stunning transformation from plus-size diva to slim-and-trim hot mama has me completely floored.
She released her single "Where You At" recently and I love the song.
The video was directed by Anthony Mandler in her hometown of Chicago.
The single is the first off the Oscar winners next album, I Remember Me, due for release March 22nd.

Click "READ MORE" to see the video...

Jennifer is a vocal BEAST. She can just stand in one position and SANG, no not sing, but sometimes she does too much and overwhelmes me...
This song is NOT the case!
She balances the song perfectly while looking AMAZING.

Where is her man?
Why is he out slinging rocks with Jenny at home looking this gorgeous?!
Smh, don't know a good thing when you got one.


What do you guys think about the video?



  1. She looks beautiful, especially in that last photo.

  2. She has a powerful voice. I think she looks absolutely beautiful.


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