Feb 3, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Destiny's Child "Bug A Boo" and "Bills, Bills, Bills"

Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the original cast members of Destiny's Child
I loved this group.
Writings On The Wall still remains one of my favorite albums ever.
I tried to pick one but I couldn't decide between these two songs... so I chose both!

Bills, Bills, Bills

Bug A Boo
Lol look at Kobe in the locker room... MCI isn't even a phone company anymore!

Why was I nine singing at the top of my lungs with conviction:
"Realize I don't want youuuu! Trust me i know what you do! Oh yeah! Regret the day that I met you, cause you a bug a boo, you buggin what, you buggin who, you buggin me and dont you see it aint cool!"
Look at the outfits in these two videos. Pleather in one and jeans and cowboy hats in the other... lol so telling of the time.

These two songs & videos are definitely classics for my pre-teen years.

Lol what? My jam!


  1. MAKES MY DAY! The Writing's on the Wall is my absolute favorite CD. It is the only one I can listen to the ENTIRE way through and not change one song. I know all the words to every one of them, even the lesser known "Temptation." love that one:)!


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