Mar 18, 2011

In Dire Need Of Some H.E.L.P

A while ago I asked you all what you wanted to see of me.
Most people said “outfit posts!”
I’d love to but the problem is… I HATE MY DIGITAL CAMERA! It’s so bitchy, and not in a good way.
I decided that if I wanted to take my blogging more seriously, I’d have to buy a new camera.
Soo… I’m on the hunt for a new one.

The only problem is… I have NO IDEA which one to buy.

I am not tech savvy at all so I am in an odd predicament.
Can one of my lovely readers HELP A SISTER OUT?!

Any suggestions?



  1. Are you looking for just another digital camera or something a small step above.

    If so I'd reccomend a Canon T1i for what you want. It's a dslr camera, but it does not have the kind of steep learning curve some of the cameras I regularly use have.

    GO here to check out some stuff.

  2. to be hones, there are blogs with bad pics and many comments and followers. I think a good picture will attract more people but it is not enough. the person in the pics and the outfit play a big part.
    I had recently to change camera as well and decided to go for a compact one (and so less quality) over a more expensive, good quality reflex one.
    Are you willing to learn how a refles use?
    a reflex is bigger, heavier and for sure, does better pics...
    or do you prefer a small camera? something you'll put in your clutch? to bring with u everywhere?
    ask yourself all of this and then, decide the budget you'd liek to spend!
    for reflex camera: Nikon or canon
    compact, I have a Panasonic Lumix that is just FAB!


  3. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog, I really appreciate :)
    I'm now following you !

  4. Nikon D3100 or D3000 it has a Guide and Auto setting so you don't have to do much with adjusting settings

  5. Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

    Mmm, i'm actually looking for a camera myself. I'm looking at Nikon D5000, Nikon D300 or Canon 500D. Don't know their prices yet though. I think Ylenia is right, although a good picture makes the reading experience that much more attractive!

    Cheers :D

  6. Hello! I agree with the Canon T1i suggestion. I had a Canon XTi, which is the previous discontinued model from a few generations back, and it worked really well for me back when I was an entry-level photographer. While I do agree that the content is better than the quality of the photo, in recent times, I've found my photo quality to definitely play a role in certain communities.

    Anyway, I'm Melanie, and you recently stopped by my blog. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I'll certainly read around your blog some more..I like what I've seen at first glimpse! :)


  7. samsung and canon are great just make sure the pixel is over 12

  8. I do outfit posts and yet I have the shittiest camera ever! I am in urgent need of a good camera, but I don't think it should stop you from taking pictures of your outfits if you want to!

  9. I want to get a Canon 1000D because it seems like an affordable SLR but right now I use a compact Fujifilm JV 100 which isn't too bad and was really cheap!

  10. Recommend a Nikon D3000 or D3100 that's the camera I'm saving for right now. It would be the best investment and would take your photography to a new level.

    ps. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  11. True I amon the lookout for a better camera too. Yet I am still a mere college student. I use my small point and shoot digital camera its a kodakeasyshare and I LOVE IT.Its not always about starting with a big camera 've been learning how to use my small one and with the right lighting I am happy until further notice.

    Go for it.


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