Mar 1, 2011

Inked Up And Crystaled Out In A-Morir

On my birthday, I got my first tattoo.
I was vervous but I had thought about the tattoo for over a year before I decided to get it.
It says "Gnothi Seauton" which is 'Greek for "Know Thyself"

Click "READ MORE" for more pics...

The glasses were a bday gift from my boss lady. they are the D'arcy's from the A-Morir collection.

Katy Perry rocked them in India

When you wear something as fly as this, you can't help but feel like a bad ass!



  1. Nice sunglasses! I don't think I can get a tattoo, I get bored easily. lol

    Fashion Rehab

  2. Love this blog! It's so girlly and adorable!

    Love your tattoo and the placement...and the meaning. dope!

    -new follower-

  3. Thank you for the comment dear!
    Nice sunglasses!


  4. loving the shades!

    thanks for the comment o my blog

  5. amazing glasses! thank you for commenting.

  6. Those are some serious shades! But they're pretty dope. Thanks for the comment!

    Follow me,

  7. Love the shades!! X.

  8. Wow, this is such an amazing/creative idea! You look fabulous and fun, Thnx for visiting my blog, I am following you back ;)

  9. omg in love with these glasses! to die for!

  10. Great sunglasses
    And congrats on the ink!
    I haven't got any myself and I don't think I will until I've got something I'd really like to keep as a part of myself forever.

    Have a great one! x

  11. Great Post!

    I love Kerin Rose .. That chic is talented!

    Thanks for the comment love


  12. I've never seen anything like these they're so interesting I love love love the chain detail!!!

  13. Oh no!! I'm sorry you can't see the pictures!!! :(((( By any chance, do you use Internet Explorer? Because I just found out that my blog images don't load on that browser.. I've written to the Google peeps to ask for help; hopefully they will know what the problem is! Thank you for letting me know!!

    These glasses are seriously so cool- and honestly, they look way better on you than on Katy Perry. Seriously. xx


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