Mar 21, 2011

Ne-Yo Performs In Japan And Does Charity Work For Quake Victims

I haven't blogged about it but if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know how I felt about the devastating earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan. I followed coverage on CNN, NBC, BBC, and ABC that whole night!
It was overwhelming to say the least. The one thing that I thanked God for was the Japanese ability to remain calm during the madeness and the level of preparation the earthquake victims at least had.
I was worried about nuclear leaks before anyone was even mentioning them because I know about Japan's history with nuc facilities and they are extremely delicate. When the initial reports came in about there being now "reason to worry about nuclear leaks" I said it was a lie. A few hours later, they confirmed my suspicions.

While many artists are now afraid to go to the country because of all the aftershocks and leaks, Ne-Yo decided that he's not. He continued with his tour in Japan and played a show in Nagoya last Saturday.
He did some charity work with his motto, ‘Spread Love Through Music’ and greeted his fans backstage. 

Lol the :30 second mark is by far the most hilarious thing. She's so cute with her squealing!

In other news, apparently some of his backup dancers were less than enthused about going on with the tour because of the aftershocks.
They decided they would not participate in the Japan leg of the tour and were, unfortunately, dropped from the rest of the tour... Womp womp.
*Cue Irreplaceable*
"Dont you ever for a second get to thinkin, you're IRREPLACEABLE!!!! To the left to the left!"



  1. wow, thanks for sharing , sounds interesting...:=)

  2. i'm so glad ne-yo still did his show. very inspiring!

  3. your blog is very cute!

    if you want you will be my follower!:)

  4. love it! keep the inspiration coming!


  5. That is so inspirational! I love it when people do stuff like this :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog


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