Mar 7, 2011

New Video: Willow Smith "21st Century Girl"

Willow Smith is still on the grind.
Willow turns desert sands into civilization in the video for her new single “21st Century Girl.”
The little wonderwoman her crew of girls pull buildings and cars out of the sand to create a modern world. 
After the HUGE success of "Whip My Hair", I was a bit aprehensive about whether or not she could keep the momentum going with her second single.
I heard "21st Century Girl" and I do like it. While it doesn't have as much age crossover as the first single, I am all for positive role models for these young girls. Seeing a little one such as Willow doing it may give another little girl encouragement.

Click "Read More" for the video

"Gimme an inch, I promise I'll take a mile"

It sure does pay to have Will and Jada as parents. Cicely Tyson opend up the video! I love that woman.
I think the video is so cute!
She has so much energy and really seems to LOVE what she's doing which is important.

She's also giving me FA-SHON in this video. I love that "Boys Need Training" tee!
I need one ASAP!
The vibrant colors and prints made me smile. Go Willow!
I feel like she's my little sister :-)

Anyway, my only beef with this whole video is... Willow, can any of YOUR friends that are YOUR age dance?
I'm tired of seeing these grown women dance behind you in pigtails.
That is all.



  1. I looooooove the video! Not a huge fan of the song itself but the video is definitely tight. She has such big things in her future!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. would you believe it if I told you I havent seen or heard any of these songs or videos? I need to get on it!

    xo Carlina

  3. i still cant believe shes only 10! amazing! xo


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