Mar 15, 2011

Spring 2011 Nail Polish Color Trends

I love painting my nails and springtime means my nails will get progressively brighter and brighter!
I compiled a few of the polish trends that I am into this season for you lovely folks, some of which I already have.

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Nudes are really big again this spring (as they always are for the girl who likes classic looks.)
I have this particular shade of O.P.I and I am not a fan. It doesn't blend with my skin tone. However, Chinaglaze has an amazing nude color that I own.
Soft to Tiffany blues are reigning this spring also.
Obviously i'm ahead of the curve because I've been rocking this shade of blue for two summers now. I bought a limited edition Chinaglaze and fell in love with it. Pictures to come.
Gold is in! I'm not a fan of Butter polishes but this gold is cute! Looks like it will show up well too.
O.P.I's Shatter Polish is definitely all the rave!
I bought a bottle a few weeks ago and i've been wearing it ever since. I will definitely do a post on the polish because i honestly do love it.
Now I am tempted to try the crackle polishes by the other polish brands...
Peach polish has also been making a comeback but like the nude, it never left for the girl who liked classic nail colors. The above color is called "Pink Boa"... Essie also has some gorgeous peach/pinks.
I love purple. Purple nails will NEVER go out of style for me. I will take it in any shade. Lavender, Lilac, Deep Purple... Whatever. if it's purple, I love it.

And for my fellow artistic and daring nail feigns, nail art is in full effect! Brands like Sephora have jumped on the minx train and created cheaper versions. Or you can be traditional and try nail art pens to create your own unique design. 
Happy polishing!

What colors are you into this season?



  1. Loving that Lavender. I got my nails in that color! I was really nice. I put shatter polish over it, and it looks really pretty.

  2. I am in love with this post, just the other day, went to UlTA, and bought me some lovely polishes in Retro and NUDE...from LASplash makeup. My hubby loves the color , it so springy, I have the nude polish on my nail snow and the retro on my feets, had some designs to them :=)

  3. This is one of the coolest things I have ever done to my nails

    it works better if you have a helper or someone do them for you.


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