Mar 17, 2011

Tyra Banks And Andre Leon Tally Teach Us How To Rock "The Trench"

My two favorite fashion DIVA's have teamed up to show us how to be "fe-fe-FASHION" forward!
Andre Leon Tally (who i love!) and Tyra Banks (my fellow Saggitarian baby) have teamed up on Tyra's new website called Type F.
The website gives lots of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips!

Check out the video of them giving advice on how to roch the infamous Trench coat...

Click "READ MORE" for the hilariously informative video inside...

The Trenchcoat -- powered by TYPEF.COM

These two are pure comedy! I love the flashing/Andre screaming like a girl scene!
They really give some GREAT advice.
I love that Tyra thinks about the average woman's pockets.
Not everyone has $500 to spend on a belt, but $12... I can work with that.



  1. Tyra looks gorgeous, but Andre? Seriously? I think he looks hideous :p Sorry...

  2. This was an awesome video... I love Andre Leon Talley too but his personal style always leaves me perplexed.

    I'd love to hang out with him though. ;)

  3. hahaha they're such an eccentric pair. and i love how real and funny tyra is..

  4. i love tyra and andre is hilarious

    first time on your blog
    really loving it
    gonna follow you

  5. Tyra is hilarious, fun, a bit over the top sometimes but she carries it well.


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