May 3, 2011

I've Been Gone For A Minute...

"Now I'm back with the jumpoff!"-Lil Kim

Hey Blogger family! How is everyone?
 I know I've been away for a whole month and I am SORRY!
Initially, I decided to take a break for a week. Then I lost my digi cam... then my computer brokedown (which is still not working btw).

So unfortunately, I haven't been able to interact with my beautiful blogger family as much as before!
My post'd will definitely be sporadic but I am going to try my best to post a couple times a week.

Have a GREAT week!

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  1. Welcome bad about your cam and your computer..but it will all get fixed so don´t worry! We´ve missed you girl!

    The Black Label

  2. Aww sorry. That sucks! I know how yyou feel though. Welcome back :D



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