May 21, 2011

New Video: Keri Hilson ft. Nelly- "Lose Control"

The gorgeous Keri Hilson released her 5th single, featuring Nelly, off of her "No Boys Allowed" album recently.
"Miss Keri Baby" is looking HOT in the Colin Tilley directed video... Nelly seems to be just another prop for Keri to lean on *giggle*

*Sidenote* Colin seems to be everyone's go to guy in the industryright now. He's doing everyone's video!

Keri "shake, wind, and roll"'s her way through this sexy (yet tastefully done) video.

Click "READ MORE" for the full vid...

What do you think of the song and vid?



  1. The beat has a bit of a Riri feel to it. Or is it only me?

  2. Yeah i agree, i does have a riri feel but i like it.


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