Jun 9, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Xavier Burgin's Short Film "Portrait Of The Storm"

One of the things I love about the blogosphere is that you find information about major events on a personal level.
I've been following this dope photographer/filmmaker named Xavier for a while. He features a lot of his work on his blog Que The Lights.
I popped by his page today and saw an amazing video on the devastation that crossed Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27,2011.
The state was hit with tornados that ripped through people's homes and lives. He directed a short film on the events and I was touched!
The film shows some of the actual tornado, as well as interviews from people who survived.

Click "READ MORE" to view the video.

"Someone asked me, 'do you feel like a victim or do you feel like a survivor?' I never really felt like a victim of the tornado. I felt like I can't complain. I was alive... I would say i'm more of a survivor."

* For best viewing presentation change dimensions to 1080p. if for some reason the video isn't loading on my page, click this link to view the video.

Director: Xavier Burgin
Storm Footage: Ryan Chandler, Jason Rosolowski, and Nate Hughlett
Photography: Xavier Burgin
Testimonial: Katie Brantley, Johnny Hanna, and
Trey Moe
Musical Composition: Sumerlin Brandon

What are your thoughts on the film?



  1. You definitely gave me an awesome surprise when I saw this on your site.
    Thanks a bunch for this.

    If the video isn't working for some reason on here you can get the embed from here:

    http://vimeo.com/24654508 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmO-yL7nzrA

    Xay B.


  2. wow, very cool!
    now following :]

    xo Mima

  3. Oh wow. Will check it out. It's true, news becomes kinda personal on blogsville- which is cool


  4. despite the circumstances, that's a really good photo.off to check out the video...

    p.s. you asked abt my hair a while ago. after i get it done i don't use any products in it. does that answer your question? if not, feel free to email me :)

  5. I saw the video and I'm impressed how something so devastating can happen.
    But in these times is when people realize they need to support each other.

    take care!


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