Oct 13, 2011

BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers

The BET Hip Hop awards was shown this week... and I didn't watch. I'm so over the mockery that BET sometimes makes of hip hop so i rather catch highlights online... Plus, i was really busy... painting my nails.

Anywho, Click "READ MORE" for some of the cyphers. I thought they were actually really good!
Maybe hip hop does have a chance after all.

"They feigning for us to break... like Beyonce's water" Lol good one.
Sidenote: I love me some Yelawolf... that boy is FINE!
"You wanna met the lord? come see me, I got pull!"
I don't know much about Lecrae but he was tough. Nitty was good too.
I don't have a quote for this one because honestly, all I could think was "Where the eff is Rick Ross going with them silk high-water pajamas?" Seriously... who told him that was a good idea? Fire them.



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  1. i didn't watch the awards and i haven't looked at any highlights either. just might have to do that soon. lol Anyway, awesome blog! I'm definitely following and I hope you'll follow me too! :o)



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