Oct 12, 2011

Esquire Magazine Crowns Rihanna As "Sexiest Woman Alive"

Rihanna covers this month's Esquire magazine naked... not that that's surprising.

The Bajan superstar was crowned the sexiest woman alive by the magazine and discusses the issue of being a role model, her sex appeal, and more.

Riri is undoubtedly sexy, sexiest woman alive though? Do you agree?

Click "READ MORE" for the rest of the picture from the shoot.

On Pre-Show Rituals & Jitters:I eat lozenges, steam my voice, do my makeup. I Skype my vocal coach and we sit there at the makeup table and do warm-ups for about a half-hour. Then, Jen, my personal assistant slash bartender, brings me a shot that she dilutes with a little something so it’s not so harsh, like orange juice or soda water and lime. I have to have it. I take it very seriously, so there is a level of anxiety, always. I overthink everything when it comes to my job. The drink calms my nerves. I sip it while I watch the opening act from my dressing room. Sometimes I go out into the audience. I put on a really big hoodie and sneak out there.

On Picking an Audience Member for a Lapdance:
The way I pick the person is, whoever I feel doesn’t take themselves too seriously, or who I think would be majorly embarrassed about it. Like these old men… it’s hilarious. At first, it was just going to be girls. And then one night, I brought up a gay guy, and then I started bringing up straight guys. Then I started bringing up older straight men. Did you see the one who was getting way too comfortable?
On Her Overt Sexuality:At the end of a concert, I don't feel like I've been this sexy thing. Really, I don't even think about it, unless it's a song that really calls for it, like 'Skin' or 'S&M,' or when I cover Darling Nikki... There's a section that's called 'Sex' in the show, which is the obvious section for sexuality.

Ok... so, she is hot!
Do you agree that she's the sexiest woman alive?


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