Oct 17, 2011

Music Monday: Emeli Sande

I'm absolutely in love with Emeli Sande!
I had never heard of her until I went to London. The whole time I was there, I kept asking who she was. For me, she's a breath of fresh air.
The Scotland born singer signed to Virgin Records in 2010 and released her first single "Heaven" in 2011. She has written for a few of the UK's current top acts like Tinie Tempah, Cher Lloyd and Leona Lewis.
While she originally went by her first name, Adele, she later changed it to Emeli (for obvious reasons). Not only is she talented, she's smart too! She graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in neurology.
Go ahead girl, beauty and brains!

Emeli's debut album "Our Version Of Events" is set to be released in January of 2012. I look forward to it.

Click "READ MORE" to watch performances of Emeli...

 Live performance of her official single "Heaven"

Live performance of "Maybe"

Acoustic performance of "Daddy"

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  1. I like her music! Thanks for checking out my blog (:


  2. I have never heard of her but I will most def check her out. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Kiah


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