Oct 31, 2011

Music Monday's: Simone Battle- "He Likes Boys"

Simone Battle is a recent "X Factor" castaway.
Apparently, Simone was NOT a favorite of the judges on the show but she vowed to make it anyhow (don't they all?).
She seems to be taking active steps toward making good on that promise with her recent release of "He Likes Boys". I saw this video a few days ago and the title alone made me curious.
I wondered, "Is that a typo?"
"Did she mean "She" likes boys?"
Then I pressed play and was pleasantly surprised!
The video/song is about a gorgeous young girl who just can't seem to pick the boys right. Each guy she falls for always seems to like boys. Hey, I'd dance to it at a party.

Simone describes herself as "If a Cheerleader, a Hipster, and a Drag Queen had a Threesome, I would be their love child"... Sounds like my kinda girl!

Click "READ MORE" to see the video and more pics of Ms. Battle...

What do you think of Simone?

Check out Simone's Facebook and Twitter page if you like her.


1 comment:

  1. I think I like her. The song is fun, thanks for sharing!


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