Oct 17, 2011

New Video: Beyonce- "Love On Top"

The darling Queen Bey released the official video for her single "Love On Top" off her "4" album.
Last week, Beyonce teased her fans with a "sneak peek" but in all honesty she could have released the whole thing.
I am more of a theatrical girl so i like to see plots in a video. You know, beginning, middle, and end... It was the same thing over and over in different outfits.
-___- Bey, you ain't fooling nobody.

She looked gorgeous though! She always glows.

Click "READ MORE" for the video...

I love seeing King Bey in sneakers! She looks so dope!

What do you think about the video?



  1. She's my idol! I love everything she does!


  2. This was my first time watching it - love it , per usual =]

    Thanks for sharing.

    LOL @ "you aint fooling no one"..

    I saw that half way through watching and had to snicker.

    ;] Thanks again!

  3. I am the biggest Bey stan like EVER!!!!! lollllllll


  4. love it, love her, love the song :D
    Check out the giveaway on my blog.
    Love Lois xxx



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