Oct 18, 2011

Out And About: The Intimate Meet & Greet With R&B Singer Lloyd Hosted By Singersroom.com

Yesterday, on Monday October 17, 2011, Singersroom.com held an intimate Meet & Greet with R&B singer Lloyd at the Rocawear office in New York City.

I've always been a fan of Lloyd's music.
His voice and style is unique among the pleathora of pop and techno sounds that are dominating the airwaves.
Lloyd disscused how he feels about being a top artist under 30 years old, what his fears are, and shared personal and professional stories.

Click "READ MORE" to see pics of the night...

At one point, I asked Lloyd what he would like to have fullfilled in 5 years and he revealed that he would like to get married and have a child by then. He also wants to open a non-profit before he’s 30, which will focus on father-less kids. He grew up with a single mother because his late father passed away at the tender age of 27.  

So, me and Lloyd are officially homies and I was his favorite of the night (his words, not mine :-D)...
Naturally of course! Everybody loves me ;-)

Had a great night! Special thanks to Singersroom.com and Rocawear for having the event.
Follow Lloyd on Twitter and check out his new music!


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  1. I like lloyd, his new sing is pretty cool too. Thanks for posting


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