Oct 12, 2011

Up In London

I spent the last 2 weeks and 3 days of my summer in the UK!
I'd ALWAYS wanted to go there, (I'd been working on my accent since I was about 5) so when i got my ticket as a graduation gift, I was beyond excited!

I stayed with family and got to go all over London. North, South, East, West, you name it, I went.
I did all the tourist bits, like museums, tours, shopping etc., but the time I enjoyed the most was just driving around the city.
I really admire their attempt at preserving all their historical sites and buildings.

Click "READ MORE" to see pics from my trip...

Off course I had to ride the Tube and visit the British Museum. I also visited The V&A, Natural History Museum, and Science Museum. All were great.
The trains are so clean fyi! New York's MTA needs to seriously step it up.

I HAD to go to Harrods, that place is HUGE! So much to see it's crazy.

I visited the Southend (they have a small amusement park by the seaside.)

Brixton Market, where my fellow Caribbean folks hang out.

And I HAD to attend Notting Hill Carnival and hit at least 1 club before I left. Both very funny experiences :-)

Although the British don't season their food quite like I like it, all in all, my trip was amazing. I definitely woke up every morning wondering if it was all a dream.


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  1. I been dying to go to London... Looks like you had a great time...


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