Oct 26, 2011

WTF Wednesday: Mom Tries To Sell Daughter's Virginity?

Well, what do we have here?
A mother in Utah plead guilty to the charge of trying to sell her 13-year-old daughters virginity.



 The "mother" (if we can call her that) is charged with sending sexually explicit messages about her daughter to a man she hoped would pay $10,000 for sex with the virgin teen.

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"The woman, 33, promised the would-be john that the girl would perform oral sex and other sexual acts in exchange for the money," according to The Salt Lake Tribune.
She also sent lewd photos of the adolescent to another man.
And how did she get caught? By the woman's boyfriend who turned her nasty behind in!

What in Sam's hell is happening?
Why would a mother sell her daughter's chastity to some greaseball?
And for a measly 10 grand no less...
What I want to know is, will the man who was willing to pay getting jail time? They are not yet facing charges but they should be. She faces 30 years behind bars. The prosecutors dropped two first-degree sex abuse charges against her, which carried possible life sentences, because she agreed to plead guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor.

Personally, I don't think she should be granted leniency.
Lock her ass up and throw away the key for the next 30 years.
You are her mother, you should be protecting her.
If you as a parent don't feel the instinctual need to protect your own, you my dear are a sick, SICK, person.

Am I judgung her? Yes the hell I am.





  1. Yes this is absolutely disgusting parents like this should be stoned ugh!!!!! Thanx for stopping by my blog now following u viz bloglovin!!!


  2. Wow ! I'm speechless! She needs to be put under the jail!


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