Nov 16, 2011

Adele Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmo is WINNING!
Last month I got my issue and Nicki Minaj was on the cover, I had a moment...
But getting my December 2011 issue and seeing Adele on the cover?!
I had another moment.

After the Vogue Magazine scandal- only her face graced the cover alledgely because of her size- I was happy to see Adele on the cover in a gorgeous leopard D&G dress.

Click "READ MORE" for pics from the spread...

In this issue:
-How she bounced back from not one, but two heartbreaking, gut-wrenching relationships (yep, one of the guys inspired "Rolling in the Deep").

-The one thing she's never done with a guy—we were shocked!
-The shockingly easy way she landed a record deal—and why she almost turned down the opportunity.
Adele is so amazing! Her voice, her attitude, I love it. Sitting and reading her article was definitely the highlight of my night :-)

FYI: I'm going to do my nails like her



  1. she looks beautiful and her figure is perfection!

  2. queen Adele. She speaks to me.


  3. Don't why her size is an issue at all. Her obvious talent and superb voice should be the main consideration.

  4. She looks great! And her dress is flyyy

  5. I totally adore her!! She is amazing!!

  6. I am kinda obsessed with Adele! She looked great on the cover. I'm so glad her style is changing.


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