Nov 4, 2011

Don't Mess With My Girls: Shyane Dejesus Fights Back!

When I got a phone call asking "did you see Shyane on the news?!" I said "No, What happened? Did she finally me Beyonce and act a fool?"
That's Shyane. A sweet, fun loving, charismatic girl with a beautiful and open spirit.

But no. They responded "NO! Shyane was molested in the train station and kicked the guys ass! She also got a picture and went to the cops."

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  Below: The monster who attacked Shyane
Shyane Dejesus, 22 year old anthropology student at my Alma mater CCNY, was waiting for the train on Union Square in NYC. It was on October 23,2011 at approx. 9:30 a.m. The pervert pressed himself against her, then raised her dress, and proceeded to fondle her from behind. He got on the train and sat as if nothing went on but Shyane was not taking it that lightly.
“I ran up to him. I kicked him in the face. I was just punching him,” Shyane DeJesus said in an interview with the New York Post. After she was done she shouted at her attacker, “Don’t you ever touch me, ever again!”
“I’m glad I fought back,” she said, “I’m going to defend myself.”

Sadly, with a full train of people, no one came to Shyane's aid. Everyone seemed to turn a blind eye although Shyane was hysterical. It's sad that we no longer look out for one another.
I am glad that she has spoken out.
Too often women are put in these disgusting predicaments and keep quiet. I wish every attacker knew that they were going to get their ass kicked if they tried this nonsense again.
Shyane's story is all over the web, newspapers, and news channels. CBS, My9,PIX11, Am New York, NY Mag, New York Post, Clutch Magazine, even a British media outlet to name a few...

Check out her interview on WPIX

Shyane is being called a Hero, and you know what, she IS. I'm proud to call her a friend. The perv hasn't been caught yet but he will be.


  1. How incredible is this? She is a brave woman and I commend her!!! Great post!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad she stood up to his perverted a%$! It truly is a shame that people turn a blind eye to the wrong doings they see. Stranger or not, if that was your daughter, you would act completely different. So HELP those who need it!
    I'm proud of her.

    Miss Daja
    No Boiz Allowed


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