Nov 14, 2011

Music Monday: Bridget Kelly- Every Girl (VIDEO)

"Didn't you used to date her? What do you mean why do I hate her? I gotta find every girl that ever loved you and kill her dead... right away..."

Today's Music Monday post is by Bridget Kelly.
The Roc Nation artist has toured the world and preformed on live television before she even released an album.
She went on the road with boss and mentor Jay-Z but has branched off and has recently released an mixtape titled "Every Girl" a few weeks ago.

She has been getting some great reviews!

Coincidentally, Bridget attended the same high school as I (she was a sweetheart!).
I bumped into her at a recent ASCAP event and caught up with her, as well as got a chance to see her preform, for the second time in a few weeks, live.

The song "Every Girl" has been on repeat since I downloaded the mixtape.
The semi-eerie track speaks to the female who has ever wanted her boyfriend's ex to just disappear.

"The only reason that their all still alive is cause I don't know where to put them"

If you like what you've heard, download Bridget Kelly's mixtape "Every Girl" here.


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