Nov 5, 2011

Naomi Campbell Covers 'Soon International'... Bald And Beautiful

My 2nd mommy (in my head) Naomi Campbell is on the cover of Soon International.
The cover, photographed by Seb Janiak, shows Naomi bald and gleaming.

She looks like a mannequin!

Say what you want about Naomi, but one thing you can't say is that she is NOT a BAD BISH! She looks better at 40+ than some of the 20 year old I know.

I love nay nay... Blackberry hurling and all.

Click "Read More" to see the rest of the shots...


Her body is like a work of art...

Do you like the spread?



  1. She is absolutely gorgeous! A special kind of unmatched beauty! I completely agree with you that she is killing the game at 40!

  2. gorgeous!!
    i think she totally rocckss!!

  3. She looks like a panther. Simply gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing this

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  5. she looks amazing! <3 xox An
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  6. This is so cool!!! She is fantastic and the whole idea is just great...


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