Nov 16, 2011

Unorthodox Beauty Tips

I love learning about different ways to spruce up my look.
If I have to make it, that's even better!

Here are some homemade remedies/tips on various issues (like dry lips in the winter, oily skin etc.) that often plague us (men and women!).

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Dry/Cracked Lips
Honey helps to heal and hydrate dry cracked lips (plus, it has antibacterial in it which is good if you get cold sores).
  • Grab a small plastic container, fill it with a tablespoon of sugar & a tablespoon of honey. 
  • Mix the two together to create a nice paste.
  • Rub the mixture onto your lips.

The sugar will peel away dry flaky skin while the honey conditions and hydrates your lips.
Side note: If you lick your lips, it tastes yummy!

Finish off with a nice coat of moisturizing lip balm, Vaseline, Crisco... whatever you like.

Removing Make-Up
I swear by olive oil!
A small amount of olive oil can remove even your toughest, waterproof, eyeliner.
I place a small amount on a clean cotton pad/ball and wipe off my eyeliner first. You can use the oil to removes all your make-up but be sure to properly wash your face after.

Brighter Complexion
The cold weather for most, is extremely harsh on the skin. For me, i go through a period of dullness. To fix that, i cut a lemon wedge and simply rub it on my face. Instant brighter!

Fight Oily Skin
Do you have oily skin? Well I don't
But... my mom does. To control her shine:
  • She washes her faces
  • Cracks an egg
  • Removes the yolk
  • Coats her face with a thin layer of egg whites

*Please don't do this if your allergic to eggs... genius.

Now, What are some of your unorthodox beauty tips?


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  1. I'm going to give some of these tips a try. My lips get so dry in the winter and it drives me nuts!


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