Dec 5, 2011

Music Monday: Iggy Azalea

Who is Iggy Azalea? She's a rapper from Down Under (Australia) who likes to talk about her "down under". With a controversial single, titled "PU$$Y", Iggy took the Internet by storm. What makes her a bit more controversial, to some, is her skill and paradoxical skin color.
Iggy spits like the best of them, curses like the rest of them, yet seems to maintain an uber sexy (sometimes high fashion) look.

I downloaded the "Ignorant Art" mix tape that Iggy has out now. I am not sure how to feel.
Iggy has an undeniable unique cadence/vocal tone but some of her content just isn't there to me.
 I can't help but hope think that maybe she released these tracks just to get folks talk.
One of my favorite songs on the mix tape is "My World" (her latest single)
 and "Backseat" *GIGGLE* It appeals to the ratchet girl in me.

Click "READ MORE" for Complex mag. snippets, pictures, and music from Iggy...

It drives me crazy because it is so small-minded to put color before music. There are so many people out here, even white girls, that want to be rappers. There’s allowed to be more than one person with the same fu*king dreams."

“I want to be the number-one person, but I don’t want to drag people through the mud when I know how hard it is to be a female rapper. I want there to be other people out there. I don’t want to win by default because there is no one else.”

What do you think of Iggy?



  1. I heard about this girl, she is gorgeous. I agree with you, I think she could go a long way if she gets her content together. I only heard a few things she has done but I think she is cool

  2. I'm at work right now so I can't watch the video but I'm excited to check her out. Who knows how I'll feel about her music but at least she has a cute style :)


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