Jan 17, 2012

Back From Grenada And Missing The Sun (PHOTOS)

Hog Island 2011

If you didn't already know, I was born In Brooklyn but I was raised in my parents homeland, Grenada, in the West Indies (also known as the Spice Isle). As a kid, I spent summers with my grandmother eating amazing Caribbean dishes like rice and peas, stew chicken and calaloo; I played in kiddies carnival; and I lounged by the river eating mango's for many days. 
As a whole, I gained an authentic dual cultural upbringing in my younger years.

Prior to this vacation however, it had been 9 years since I went back home.
When I booked my ticket I was beyond excited, partly nervous, and VERY anxious. I wondered if the country had changed, would I like the changes, would I have fun etc.

Boy did I have fun!
I did so many things that made the trip worthwhile. I went snorkeling for the first time, visited a private island, went hiking up a mountain (involuntarily lol), visited a sulfur hot spring, took an island tour, saw a black sand beach, and spent a lot of time with family.

Needless to say that since I am going through MAJOR withdrawal symptoms, I am missing Grenada more than ever. I love that little island in the sun!

Click "READ MORE" for pics!

My view in the mornings... Paradise!

My little brother and I... He thinks he's so cool!

Mama in the market.

Grand Anse beach...

Ask any Caribbean person you know about KFC back in the islands.... There's something special about that place! *Giggle*

There were some gorgeous houses on the island tour.

Concord Waterfall
The oldest catholic church on the island

Grenadians love their flag... it was painted every where you looked.


YUM! Dinner on a private island after snorkeling

Spent New Years partying with my mama :-)

Grand Etang Lake

The involuntary hike up the mountain to the sulfur springs... Lol, rest in peace to my pretty sandal that popped  on the way back down in the rain... smh

Sulfur mud masks! Our skin felt so smooth after!
What a sunset.... The last one before I said goodbye.

One of the saddest things I had to do was get on that plane to leave.

Until we meet again...



  1. Grenata (and you) look beautiful! I love your sunhat too (:

  2. you have some amazing pics, love it

  3. #Jealous! I'm from Grenada and have yet to visit in the 13 years since I've been in America.. Sounds like you had a blast :)


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