Jan 19, 2012

LOL: Rosario Dawson Shakes It With "The Bullitts" In London

This made me die from laughter at 1:22 this morning. It was filmed by "The Bullitts" in London’s West End. In the video, Rosario Dawson is approached by someone who appeared to be a street bum. Instead of harassing her, he just wanted to dance to his "SUPERCOOL" track... and dance they did! She’s definitely a cool chick for this!

"Whats your name?" "I haven't got one"
Major cool points!
I need to have a moment like this at least once in my life. It will happen lol.
If this didn't make your day, I don't lnow WHAT will.



  1. This is soo amazing!!! I love that the "bum" is wearing a Burberry trench lol

  2. oh my god thats hilarious!! is that real??

  3. I was smiling the entire way through. I think Ive fallen in love with Rosario Dawson

  4. oh my word....i love this! so great.

  5. How cute and freaking HILARIOUS!!!!!!
    Darling Bonnie


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