Feb 13, 2012

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards: Red Carpet Hit And Miss (PICS)

The 54th annual Grammy Awards was held yesterday in L.A. While I love music, I can't say that this year's award show did anything for me (like last year). The performances were ehhh, The tributes were VERY blah, and overall I was just not impressed.

There were some highlights such as Adele's 6 Grammy winning sweep, Sir Paul McCartney took the stage twice, and Rihanna gave a pretty good performance. There were also some WTF moments too- including Nicki Minaj's Broadway show from hell "performance", them forgetting to add the late Don Cornelius & Etta James to the obituaries, and the Whitney Houston "tribute"... 

Click "READ MORE" to view my fashion hits, misses, and the ultimate "huh?" moment...

Adele looked beautiful on the red carpet in a black Giorgio Armani Couture dress. Her makeup, hair, everything was a hit. So was she taking hoe SIX Grammy's! #WINNING!

Rihanna's dress was a collaboration between her and Armani. She said it was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer from Scarface. She said she wanted to look "simple, sexy, yet a little gangster at the same time." Whatever it was, she looked amazing! I think I've added her to my girl crush list.

LL Cool J was the man of the hour in his velvet jacket suit. The host (although i didn't see him much of the night) looked dapper. He also brought his beautiful wife on the carpet too, how cute!
Sidenote: Seriously, LL, lose the hat. We all know you're bald.

Kelly Rowland looked pretty in an Alberta Ferretti. I wish they would have done something else with her hair but overall, she looks radiant.

Jessie J looked sexy in a sparkly Julien Macdonald dress. To me, the picture doesn't do her justice. On television she looked great! I'm so excited for her career!
Kelly O. looked gorgeous in her silver one-shoulder gown by Tony Ward couture. I love her lavender hair, it just works for her!

Close But No Cigar:

Fergie wore an orange sheer Jean Paul Gaultier lace dress with black undergarments and I am on the fence. Part of me likes it but part of me doesn't. If  the dress had a black strapless heart shaped bustier, and the sheer orange skirt began where her underwear starts, then I would have loved it.
Something just feels missing. Sorry Fergalicious, close but no cigar.

Katy Perry wore a pastel blue Elie Saab Haute Couture dress... complete with blue hair. 
This is when colored hair is a bad idea. The dye job is awful! What, is she a long lost smurfette? I'm not understanding. Katy, girl, close but no cigar boo.
The dress is pretty though. *SHRUG*

WTF Moment Of The Night:
Where do I begin with this hot mess of a mess?
So Nicki Minaj decided to show up wearing a red Atelier Versace hooded dress with the Pope as her date.
Mmm hmm. Soak it all in. 
I understand the need for controversy... even artistic expression... but what I don't understand is why do this the whole way down the carpet. Had she taken off the bedspread hooded dress and revealed another outfit, I would have supported this (a little). But... she didn't.

All in all, this year,  the Grammy's was a snooze fest with the occasional jolt. 
I guess that's the best we have to offer in music today.

Did you watch the Grammy's? What were your thoughts on the overall show?



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  2. hahah I was shocked at what Nicki was wearing. I mean WTF!
    I really loved Rihanna's dress, it all went so well together :D


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