Feb 2, 2012

An Intern's Frustration: Someone Who Can Identify With The Former Harper's Bazaar Intern (Guest Blog)

In light of the Harper's Bazaar intern scandal, I thought this would be a perfect time to discuss the topic of internships.

While I've been blessed to have great internships, I've heard the horror stories of my peers who intern(ed) and HATED IT! I've even had a few close calls... I have no problem putting in work but what I find is that the entertainment industry as a whole takes COMPLETE advantage of young, eager, and hardworking young people...

My mother (who is absolutely DISGUSTED by the idea of interning) likes to refer to it as my "modern-day slave labor"... Thanks mom.

A few short months ago, I found myself in a bit of a sticky situation (with a prospective internship "boss") and a friend of mine, Saraii, was also in the same predicament. I vented for a little while and yelled "Damn it, I work my 9 to 5, you better cut my check like Beyonce said!"

After we laughed about it, she told me, "You should DEFINITELY blog about this." I would have but she was so passionate about the topic that instead, I proposed that she blog about it. After much coaxing, here is Saraii's piece.

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Tired! Tired! Tired!
Have you ever been tired?
Not in need of sleep, just drained from life and every piece of nonsense that has been placed in your way to confuse, frustrate, block, or sidetrack you from your goal.
Tired of phoniness from family and friends?
Tired of people talking behind your back and smiling in your face?
Tired of everyone wanting a task done or a piece of work submitted... all for FREE!!!!
What did I work for?
If I was going to be working for free for the rest of my life, why did I go to school?  
It’s one thing to “pay your dues” but it’s another to be someone’s slave  over used and under appreciated “intern”.
We put this “work” in yet do things that teach almost nothing.
Okay, let’s list what Ohemma is tired of (in no order):
1.       I’m tired of working for FREE!!!
“We won’t pay you but you’ll get credit.”
Now, if after a certain point in time all I ever receive is “credit” from doing work and it’s not buying me a house (or something)…that’s a BAD situation. What the hell do I look like?!!
2.       I’m tired of doing work and getting promised rewards/stipulations that don’t manifest
If you didn’t have your business together before you planned for me to work for you and/or be a part of your organization, don’t get my hopes up. Be real with my expectations.
3.       I’m tired of jobs saying you need more experience to do something.
Well damn, how am I going to get experience if you don’t give me the opportunity to gain the experience? Let me do something. Let me show you what I know. How else shall I gain this magical experience you speak of?
4.       I’m tired of having to explain myself.
What the hell gives you the right to question any of my motives or actions if you never tried to help me?
“sooo… what have you been up to?”
”where  are you  working now?”
Why? You didn’t give me a job. If you didn’t invest in me,  what I’m doing now should be less than zero % of your concern.
5.       I’m tired of people acting like everything they’re doing is THAT serious.
Stop being pretend busy. If you are not Diddy, Anna Wintour, or anybody else in the C-Suite, you got some minutes to speak to me! They never want to reply to your text, calls, or emails but STAY on twitter.
 I bet your ass will hit reply when I’m rich and on top!
6.       I’m tired of people thinking they know it all.
No matter who you think you are, you don’t know it all. You would be ignorant not to listen to someone when they are voicing opinion.
7.       I’m tired of always feeling like I am "just getting by".
… But that’s just a money/personal/ some type of issue that I need to figure out on my own.
If you haven’t gotten it by now, I am just tired of the industry standard of bull shit!
At the end of the day, when you want something bad enough, it is not a matter of how it is just a matter of when.
I know that with patience and endurance, I am going to become everything God wants me to be. It’s just that sometimes I get a little tired of the bologna but after this vent I feel much better because I know that I am not the only one tired of the nonsense. 
Anyway, Saraii out!



  1. I completely understand what your friend is saying. It's probably really frustrating to have to deal with situations like that. Both of you, don't accept less than what you deserve.

  2. while I can't relate to the intern issue I can most certainly relate to being tired.
    Tired of taking people's shit, tired of people looking at you sideways because your not doing what they think you should do with your life, tired of people telling me I have all the talent in the world watching me work hard and then telling me that I should get a 9-5 in the interim, tired of people expecting me to explain my actions to them when I don't owe them a damn thing, tired of waiting. Lol sorry I kinda went on a bit of a rampage... I needed that. Wonderful post!!!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  3. It is true in many ways. To make it in the fashion industry/intertainment industry, you have to know someone.

    If you don't, you have to intern to get the experience and later one get a job. I had one bad internship and that thought me a lot. Quit if you are not happy especially if you see that the people are treating you more like a handyman than an intern.

    I am still upset until this day that I stay long enough for them to let me go. When they did, I felt so much better and my stress level went down. I did not even bother put them on my resume. We will give you recommendations,right! I so did not need them. I found a better internship. I will never mentioned that label anywhere when it comes to finding a job. No wonder they ain't going anywhere? Nobody wants to stay and work for them.

  4. You make some good points.
    The point of interning is to get experience, but sometimes people are worked a little too hard.

    I am following your blog, please follow mine..


  5. I like your mom's view hahaha :)Nice post!
    I'm following you return love back as long as you like mine.

  6. I like everything here.


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