Feb 13, 2012

Remembering The Icon: Whitney Houston

The icon that is Whitney Houston passed away on February 11, 2012 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. 
Although the reason Whitney passed away is unknown, the music community and the public at large mourns her death.

For me, Whitney was THE voice. No one could sing a song like her. No one could put POWER into a song like she could. No one could quite do what she did.
As an aspiring singer, she was someone who I looked up to and admired. Regardless of her personal issues, Whitney Houston was an incomparable talent with an undeniable
We will always love you Whitney. RIP.

Click "READ MORE" to see pics and video to remember the Queen...

One of my favorite early pictures of her.

Whitney is survived by her beautiful daughter, Bobbi Christina. I wish the best for her.

I have so many favorite songs from her but this son, I think it's the top. Or at least tied with "When you Believe" by Whitney ft. Mariah Carey.

What's your favorite Whitney Houston song/memory?



  1. I have never cried when a celebrity has passed but I admit I shed tears when I heard about Whitney. It was just unbelievable. =(

    My favorite song is You Give Good Love.

  2. I only purchase two cd's in my life. They were only Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston. I loved whitney. I always felt that she had the most powwrful voice that I ever heard. I fell in love with her from day one and despite her downs I remained a loyal fan. Everybody go through changes in their lives if you haven't just keep living! R.I.P. Whitney I love you!

  3. Sister could sing her ass off!!!


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