Mar 30, 2012

Confessions Of A City Girl Has A New Look!

I had been playing around with new blog layouts/templates for some time, but because i'm not patient enough, I always quit 1/3 of the way in.

That's when a friend of mine, Tanika, stepped in and rescued me!

Thanks to Tanika I now have 6 amazing banners to choose from (including the current one), as well as a WHOLE NEW LAYOUT!

She is definitely available for custom banner creations if anyone is interested. You can contact her via Twitter or email:

What do you guys think of the new layout/design and banner?


Mar 28, 2012

What I Want: Leopard Print Everything!

I have a slight obsession with animal prints. Okay... So it may be a bit more than slight, but in any case, I try to control it to one key piece in an outfit.
I decided to cyber window shop and gathered a bunch of pieces (from around the web) that i liked!

Click "READ MORE" to see the pics!

Mar 26, 2012

The Caviar Manicure By Ciaté

The art of the nail design has made a huge comeback in the last two-three years and I couldn't be more excited about this latest one. If you are not familiar with my "Nails Did" feature, I love nail bling!

The Caviar Manicure, brought to you by Ciaté, will be released in April. Similar in appearance to pearls, they can be applied over polish to create the 3D nail art pro finish seen in these awesome pictures. The kits will come in three different colors: Black, White and Multi.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited!


Mar 17, 2012

March 2012 Birchbox: Teen Vogue Edition

YAY!!! My March Birchbox arrived a few days ago and I am over the moon! I heard a lot about these boxes in the blogsphere and I was really nervous about trying them. Then i decided, hey, for ten bucks, can i REALLY go wrong?
So glad I thought that way! The first box I received is sponsored by TEEN VOGUE's beauty guru, Eva Chen. They put together a box filled with items to "help you get ready for all your spring formals and special events." Although I am not in high school, much less going to prom, I'm glad I picked this. The box features products from Essie, Tarte, Twistband, Kérastase and more.

Click "READ MORE" to see the goodies...

Mar 14, 2012

Nails Did: Bling and Neon

I did my nails like this in November and loved it. I think is the triple threat: Stiletto nails, Neon polish, and Swarovski crystals!

You like?


Mar 11, 2012

Invisible Children's "KONY 2012" Campaign: What's It All About?

I've watched and read about the Invisible Children's "Kony 2012" campaign over the past couple of days and I've finally reached a conclusion that i'm comfortable with.
Now, when I first saw the infamous KONY 2012 video, I was taken aback. It did strike an emotional chord (as they expected it would) and I did share it on my social media sites (as they expected I would). But, I stopped there for good reason. I didn't blog about the issue, as I did with the Falling Whistles Foundation, or purchase a kit. The skeptic in me  had to know more and the cynic in me made me say "well, what's different about the situation in Uganda than any other conflict zone?".

The way I see it, what is (or "was" depending on who you ask) happening in Uganda, is happening over various parts of Africa and the world. Atrocities are being committed on the daily, there are plenty of efforts to help that go unnoticed and there is never only really just ONE leader. To give this issue a face and blame it all on one man is not really a fair assessment of the problem in Uganda, or even an effective step towards the dissolution of a greater problem. 

When I found out about the Falling Whistles foundation, I researched it, I blogged about it, and ended up buying the whistle. Why? Because at the end of the day, the efforts were not only to stop the problem in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but to help the children affected by it. The profits and proceeds went directly to a rehabilitation center in  Democratic Republic of Congo for the kids to transition back into the real world. This seemed like a more doable goal. With the KONY 2012 campaign, i'm not comfortable with the money being used to buy weapons to find him in the jungles... Seriously?

The Invisible Children foundation created this heart warming video of the situation and doesn't seem to have up-to-date information on the current political issues in Uganda. If there was such turmoil, I would think that there would be more than just one child's perspective on the traumatic experiences occurring. If Kony is many of their realities, shouldn't there have been more than one person's viewpoint in the video? 

Let's also discuss the fact the foundation has been riddled with multiple claims of foul play in regards to how they use their money, how they decide to support certain governments (known for being corrupt themselves), and how they use their facts to manipulate support.

While it is undisputed that Kony is a delusional and psychotically dangerous person, with rumors the Joseph Kony may be dead or has fled Uganda years ago, the cause may need to be revamped. I still stand by my decision to share it on social media sites because I hope that this situation will encourage others to look into more world issues, but I am not buying a kit. Unless I hear more credible information about where the money will go, where Kony really is, and the steps that will be taken to ensure that the Ugandan government is stable afterwards... I'll keep my dollars. 
Sallie Mae will be calling me in 20 days for their money anyway, and that's a whole different army that I would not like to fight!

That's all I've got to say about that! What are your thoughts?


Mar 10, 2012

Saturday Inspiration...

The weekend is upon us. These are some pics i have in my collection that resonated with me right now... Enjoy.


Mar 5, 2012

Flashback: Halle Berry's Emotional Oscar Acceptance Speech

I'm not the most outwardly emotional person but I cry (when no one can see me) a lot. 
My favorite line "I'm A G", G being short for "gangster", never applies when I am watching a romantic movie, historical film, or someone living out their dreams. I cry like a newborn baby!

So, I was YouTube surfing the other night and came across Halle's acceptance speech and decided to watch it. In 2002 at the 74th Academy Awards, Halle Berry won the Oscar Award for Best Female Performance in Leading Role  for her role in Monster's Ball. She was the first black woman awarded in that category. 

Watching it, I couldn't stop crying. 
No, not the light tears-well-up-in-your-eyes-because-she's-crying kind of cry. 
Not the light-one-tear-trickling-down-your-cheek kind of cry. 
I'm talking about that gasping-for-air-and-squinting-because-your-eyes-are-so-puffy-now-you-can't-see-a-thing kind of cry. 

Yeah... THAT kind.

Click "READ MORE" to see the video...

Mar 2, 2012

Shoegasm: Kanye West And Giuseppe Zanotti Peal/Knit Stiletto

I normally don't do back to back Shoegasm posts, but this is worth it!

Kanye West and designer Giuseppe Zanotti have teamed up to create a super sexy pair of pearly knitted stilettos. The detailing on these is just phenomenal!

Models like Chanel Iman have rocked them around Paris and Jordan Dunn on the Runway.
So, what's the damagae to your credit card? 

Click "READ MORE" to find out...

Mar 1, 2012

Shoegasm: Yves Saint Laurent Suede & Metallic Wedge Bootie

Yves Saint Laurent ankle booties

Yves Saint Laurent Suede & Metallic Wedge Bootie
These bad boys are cute... not sure if they're worth the $1,095.00 price tag though. 
If your pockets are fat enough you can get them at Bergdorf... and if you're feeling generous, you can also help a sister pay Sallie Mae!

Just Kidding! Wait... Unless you really want to ;-)


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