Mar 1, 2012

Shoegasm: Yves Saint Laurent Suede & Metallic Wedge Bootie

Yves Saint Laurent ankle booties

Yves Saint Laurent Suede & Metallic Wedge Bootie
These bad boys are cute... not sure if they're worth the $1,095.00 price tag though. 
If your pockets are fat enough you can get them at Bergdorf... and if you're feeling generous, you can also help a sister pay Sallie Mae!

Just Kidding! Wait... Unless you really want to ;-)



  1. LMBO!!! Sallie Mae get her's right after the Lord!!! Hot Shoes though!

    E. Louise

  2. Lovely shoes! Also thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, following you now dear how can i not follow, your sign is Sagittarius just like me, you must love travelling and freedom haha =) . Wish you a wonderful weekend dear! ♥XOXO

  3. Love your shoegasm shoes, show me some shoegasm worthy flats!


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