Mar 28, 2012

What I Want: Leopard Print Everything!

I have a slight obsession with animal prints. Okay... So it may be a bit more than slight, but in any case, I try to control it to one key piece in an outfit.
I decided to cyber window shop and gathered a bunch of pieces (from around the web) that i liked!

Click "READ MORE" to see the pics!

Are you a fan of patterns? Which ones?



  1. I love leopard print the SAME way!!

  2. im obsessed with leopard print! im guilty of not having enough of it though =/

  3. I have an obsession with leopard print at the moment! Everything that I'm buying recently is leopard print lol and I'm loving those wedges,wouldn't mind getting them :)


  4. Nice picks! Love leopard!

  5. i love ALL animal prints, but i have a thing for leopard and i'm starting to get into snake print shoes and accessories. that bb dakota dress is super cute!

  6. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


  7. U r not alone! I too love all things animal print. I can never have enough of it in my closet. :)

  8. I want everything in this post!!! Especially the messenger and the first dress!!!

    P. S. In response to your comment about the Naked palette on darker skin tones, here's a look I did on my friend Christen, using the original Naked. I think it looks even better on her than on lighter skin tones:

  9. These are some awesome leopard pieces! I especially love the first one, the ASOS dress! Thanks for sharing some leopard inspiration. Gotta love the leopard. It's so great! ;)

    Also, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, You Like It? I Made It!. ;) I'm following your lovely blog and would love if would follow my blog also. ;)

  10. I loooooooooooooooove leopard print too!


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