May 26, 2012

Beyonce At Revel: Back Like She Never Left

The Queen is BACK!!!

On Friday May 25, 2012 Beyonce took the Revel stage by storm!

Her first performance since giving birth to her bundle of joy, Blue Ivy; Beyonce commited to a two hour show in front of 5,500 members of her "Beyhive" (a.k.a fans). 

Sadly, I couldn't make it... That show was no small price ticket! Come on Bey, a sister got student loans to pay off! Next time, make sure there's a $25 ticket... or something! 

*Giggle* I digress.

She reportedly performed some of her hits like, ‘Irreplaceable’, ‘I Was Here’, 'Baby Boy', ‘Who Run The World’, 'Crazy in Love', and ‘End Of Time’. She also did a few small tributes to greats such as ‘Ex-Factor’ for Lauryn Hill, ‘I Will Always Love You’ (before going into ‘Halo’) in honor of the late Whitney Houston, and played the original version the late Donna Summer's 'Love To Love You'.

Celeb's who were in attendence turned into fans themselves, including hubby Jay-Z who tweeted: 
""I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna end mine.” BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period."

Jill Scott then followed up with a response to Jay-Z:
"@missjillscott: @S_C_ agreed. My all time favorite hands down. Only woman who can make me scream."

Click "Read More" to see performance videos and pictures of the Queen!

Beyonce performing 'I Will Always Love You' and 'Halo'

 Donna Summer 'Love To Love You' and 'Naughty Girl'

 'Flaws & All'... One of my fav. songs


 I almost slapped MYSELF listening to this. THIS is a cover...amazing...

The making of Revel pt. 2

She is just amazing...

Lol, this has to be my favorite picture from the night...

Needless to say, the Queen put on a GREAT show! So jealous that I wasn't there to witness it but... *SIGH* so it goes.

Did you like the performances?



  1. I really love me some Beyonce I wish I could be there. I cannot wait for her next big tour .

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  3. love beyonce!!! it's amazing that after giving birth she actually looks like a mother now... there's a subtle change in her face. maybe it's her expression or the experience that comes with... anyway, she's beautiful!

  4. 1) Bey Looked/did great
    2) Student loans are the devil!

    That is all! LMBO

    E. Louise

  5. Gawd I love this girl! She tears it up EVERY TIME!


  6. *sigh* I wanted to go soooo bad! But yes those tickets were so expensive! And sold out in like 2.5 minutes! lol

  7. she is perfect!
    I really wish to see her on tour one day!
    great post!

    xx claude


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