May 2, 2012

Body Glove Love

*In my motherly voice*
Once upon a time, there was a girl who suffered from dull, dry skin. She tried different things but accepted that she was just going to be "Ashy Queen" and have to reign proudly over her kingdom.


A friend of mine recently bought me a pair of body exfoliating gloves and told me they worked wonders for her skin. I took it with a grain of salt but decided to test it out 2 days later... simply amazing. 

I am now in love with my glove.

The gloves gently buff dead skin from the body and let fresh, luminous skin shine through. It is also great because the moisturizer that you slather on your body has a chance to really penetrate the skin instead of just sitting on the top layer.

Do any of you have/had body exfoliating gloves? How do you feel about them?



  1. also afer the bath apply a light will absorb....exfoliating and oil or lotioning up will keep you young. i sometimes get mistaken for a teenager or just under 21(i hate it)and i am almost 33.

  2. I've never tried body gloves before. Perhaps I'll pick up a pair. Wanna get rid of the dry winter skin :(

  3. I must have for me. My hands suffer a lot on my work and if it wasn't for gloves I don't know what it would be like. a 70 yearold hands for 20something girl?

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  4. I've used them in the past, and they've really worked wonders on my skin when it's needed a bit of TLC. Really need to get myself a new pair.

  5. we have it too<3
    we are happy, when you follow our blog;)
    greatings from germany

  6. Never tried it , but i will be picking one up!!.

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  7. Good job babe,
    hadn't heard from it before.

  8. I always see them when I go to Target but never gave them notice. You convinced me to try them out! Love your blog, we're now following :)

  9. I have never try it, but after reading this maybe I will soon :) Thanks.

  10. Thanks for your visit :)
    I have never use it,but maybe one day!

  11. I've had a pair of these before....they do work wonders...I loved them!!

  12. I've never tried it but I'm going to now!


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