May 18, 2012

Product Review: Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque

It's always a sad day when you buy a hair product that you imagine will be amazing... and it isn't!

I purchased the Shea Moisture's Deep Treatment Masque from Target (for about 10 bucks) because, like I told you before, I have been going through a hair crisis. Not only do I have dry skin, I have dry hair too. My hair seems to drink moisture so I am constantly searching for moisturizing treatments to aid in my hair care process.

I picked this product up because it had raw Shea butter, sea kelp, argan oil, no sulfates and no parabens. When I opened up the bottle it had a nice smell, it had a beautiful, light- almost mouse-y- texture, and mixed nicely with my organic cocunut oil.
Sounds great right? NOT!

After applying the product and leaving it in for 30 minutes, I washed it out of my hair and was so confused. My hair felt like straw... like literal straw. I had to take my time combing my wet hair because it was beyond anything i'd ever felt before. Although this product made my hair feel awful, there wasn't a lot of damage/breakage to my hair. Luckily, once I put my leave in conditioner/hair serum and blew it straight, my hair felt just fine.

I suspect that this might be a better product for African-American girls who are who are natural (for curly styles) but for me, this was a DEFINITE no-NO!



  1. aw man, that is disappointing! :(

  2. Sorry to hear that this product did not work for you. I have natural hair and always thought that this was for natural hair. Its good to always try them anyways cuz now you know this product is not for you .

  3. Following you now dear! Have a nice day :):)

  4. Hi sweetie, thanks for stopping by. I usually like anything thats made with shea butter, I'm surprised to hear this ones a bust :(

  5. I mostly see a satisfaction review of product now I see a dissatisfaction.. Lol :p Yes because some products are not suitable for us but can be suitable for the others :)

    By the way I have followed your twitter, mind following back my twitter and follow my blog too? :)


  6. I just wanna say that I ADORE your blog! You have an amazing style!

    I would be so happy if you could check out my blog!

  7. great review, and very well written. :)

    enjoy your wknd! :)


  8. thanks for the review, it looks a good product! (:

  9. I've found that this product works best as a styler. I used it once as a Deep Treatment and it did NOTHING..I mean NOTHING for my hair. But as a styler/moisturizer/'s bomb! It's part of my holy-grail product line up.

  10. I think since you are a natural seeking moisture this Silk Elements product may work for you.,default,pd.html

    I'm relaxed and I use this one and I refer to is as Hair Crack because it works wonders on my relaxed hair and my hair be calling for it. LOL! :),default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH

    Good Luck!

  11. Sorry that the product didnt work for you. I am actually relaxed and use a couple of Shea Moisture products as staples . Never tried this one though.

  12. i'm glad you reviewed this product b/c i glance at it every time i'm in the hair section of target, so i won't be purchasing it. i don't know that i have dry hair but i do have a dry scalp and to combat it i make sure to wash/cowash weekly.

  13. thanks for the warning. Looks like it doesn't suit your hair type. I have dry frizzy hair too. I used olive oil sometims to condition my hair.


  14. i hate spendiong money on products that dont work x

  15. Yeah I'm Natural and Shea moisture is strait from heaven! Sorry it didn't work for you.. =/

    E. Louise

  16. Aww man! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. Shea Moisture products always leave my hair feeling soft and I've got some pretty dry hair. Maybe try it again...


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