Jun 13, 2012

50 Cent On Oprah's OWN Network

I love my grandmother, my grandfather. My grandma, I’ve always had a connection with her. I used to sit there and rub on her feet, even paint her toenails.

We all know that Oprah loves her some Jay-Z, but over the weekend, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson became the second rapper to sit down and chit chat with the talk show Queen on her OWN network.

Well, when I heard about this interview, I was a little shocked. "Fiddy" Cent has always been vocal about his opposition to Oprah, he even named his dog 'Oprah' (who Oprah referred to as "The bitch named Oprah"... pure comedy!). He always felt that she wasn't very supportive of the hip-hop movement and she didn't really have an impact on the people he made music for.

During their sit down at 50's grandmother's house (how cute!), Oprah and 50 talked in depth about 50′s childhood, life and love. I think the part that really tugged at my heart strings was when he teared up as he stood in his grandmother’s basement and reflected on the loss of his mother... y'all know how I feel about my mother *TEARS*

When I finished watching both clips, I couldn't help but want more! I like listening to him speak, it's so not what you would expect! I actually met 50 once at a XXL magazine shoot and from that moment my perception of him changed. His aura, his personality... everything is so light and positive! He was so tall and intimidating but when he opened his mouth to say hello to me, he was so gentle. I froze up and couldn't speak for a second *Giggle* He said "Aww, she's shy!" He had to grab me up to give me a hug...
Best. Hug. Ever.

Click "Read More" to watch the the interview...

I think that 50 is definitely evolving from a regular rapper, to one of purpose. Unlike some of his counterparts (i.e. Jay-z, Diddy etc.) he seems more focused on leaving a legacy that supersedes his music, one that he is actively pursuing with his ventures in Africa. I think that's a beautiful thing!

Who do you like more, Curtis or '50 Cent'?



  1. Aww that's so cute, I totally wouldn't except that from 50. That's also so cool that you got to hug him :)

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  3. I loooved that interview! He's so sweet and humble. Not at all what his rap career would lead you to believe he was like. I can't wait to see part two.

  4. Oprah is back?!?
    Bjks, Tatty


  5. This sounds like such an incredibly moving interview; I'm definitely going to check it out! :)

  6. Amazing interview for sure!*


  7. I heard about this and gotta say I was surprised on both ends (that fifty would sit down with Oprah and that Oprah would agree to interview him). But it speaks volumes on both sides. Now let me go watch te he. BTW thanks for stopping by my blog. : )


  8. I agree! I saw this last week and I have to say I was more impressed by 50's speech than I thought I would. I can't to see part 2 tonight.

    OK I'm adding your blog to my reader list. Are you a city girl as in NYC??? Ifs so, me too! Are you going to BlogHe12?

  9. I thought it was a good interview to, although it didn't turn me into a 50 fan. I likes what he said about growing up, I felt his answers on why he was angry with Oprah were a bit weak. She made general comments and he felt as if they were about him? Egosentric much? Just my opinion:)

    1. Lol that's a good point. I think he was actually lying, I think he really said those things to get her attention. He knew that someway, some how, those comments would lead him to her.

  10. I love it!! Hate I missed this interview but I know it will air again...

    Thanks a bunch for the B-day wishes!!!

    New follower here!!! Btw...Rock those NEON pants!!!!


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