Jun 15, 2012

New Video: Kat Rodriguez "Mockery"

Eyewear done by me!

A few weeks ago I mentioned the video shoot that I did with the recording artist that I co-manage, Kat Rodriguez. Well, the glamorous music video for her title track, “Mockery”, released a few days ago! The song is one of growing up in Bronx, New York with dream’s of becoming a superstar! Throughout the video, you see her transition from “Rags to Riches” to a success.

Kat Rodriguez (aka Kat) is an incredible saxophonist, singer, songwriter, arranger, and composer with an accomplished resume. As a saxophonist in Beyonce Knowles’ all female band, she has toured the world with one of the best! Kat released her debut album on May 22, 2012. The mix of R&B and Pop is one that is missing in the music industry right now. The use of live band instruments stays true to Kat’s Jazz influence, but with catchy hooks and up-tempo beats, the listener is bound to get up and dance!

Clicke "READ MORE" to check out the Mockery video and clips of Kat Rodriguez & Beyonce on stage

The official "Mockery" album cover art:

You can check out the stylist Ashley L. Dalton's blog post on the different style looks for the video!

Behind the scenes of the video shoot:

Kat and Beyonce on stage
"Crazy In Love" on the I...AM Tour

"Dance For You" at the Revel hotel in Atlantic City

So, I guess this was their "Sexy" faces? Try again girls! 

Thugs? I think not!

Kat Rodriguez on the Revel in Atlantic City stage

Kat Rodriguez's debut album, Mockery, is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify worldwide. Check it out/purchase on iTunes.

You can like her on Facebook & follow her on Twitter to stay updated on the latest Kat Rodriguez news!

If you would like to blog about Kat Rodriguez, please feel free to do so. Post a link in the comments section so it can be shared on her official Facebook Page.

Let me know what you think of the "Mockery" single/video below! 



  1. wow! how awesome! I just love her! Those glasses in the first picture are the business! lol great post honey!

  2. Love those glasses in the first picture, so awesome!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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  7. Love this picture, and your sunnies as well!

  8. nice picture with sunnies ^^

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  12. Those glasses are too fab! Kat seems like such a talented and amazing chick! Wishing her much success on her debut!

  13. Seems like you have an exciting job and I must've missed what it is
    you do exactly so forgive me.


  14. awesome sunglasses!!! so creative :D


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