Jun 5, 2012

The Weekly Wrap-up

Weekly Wrap-up time!

Last week was a pretty quiet week...
  • Remember how I'd been complaining about my bad hair days (here and here)? Well, I got that fixed! A sister got a new weave!
I believe Shania Twain said it best, "Man! I feel like a woman..."
  • I found a small stud and put it on my nose just to be silly... then I looked in the mirror and realized I liked it. When I was younger, I really wanted to pierce my nose. What do you think?
  • I went to South Street seaport in Manhattan one beautiful day last week. Can you believe it was only my second time down there? It really is a nice spot for the summer time.
  • While at South Street, I found a Dippin' Dots machine. Needless to say, I was in heaven.
  • I actually spent a lot of my free time in bed... While there I realized how important it is to have a bedroom that felt like a sanctuary. Next to the bathroom (don't ask), the bedroom is the most calming place in a house (to me). FYI: That is not my bed, however my future bed will look possibly look like this.
  • I went to see Marvel's The Avengers... Totally worth it! Scarlett Johanson is still my girl crush and The Hulk made it on to my Favorite People In The World list.
  • I made those black glasses too, i'll be debuting my line of accessories soon! I'm excited!

Have a lovely week!



  1. Hey Sherine,hi from Belgium...you look so cool with the nose stud...you know my friends and cousins just say that I should get my nose pierced n I am so scared....wow...your own line of accessories...sounds interesting..and all my wishes with you for that.hope to hear from you!!

  2. Totally pretty your 1st picture ;)

  3. You would look toooo cute with a nose ring. I secretly want one as well. And if you don't mind me asking what kind of hair is that? It's soooooooo fab and I'm looking for a nice kind for my wedding.

  4. your hair looks nice, ahhhhh how i love a fresh weave!
    i really wanna watch the avengers too, everyone is talking about it. im so slow! lolol


  5. What a fun week. I STILL haven't seen that movie. And cute stud, my friend who pierced hers says it was a pain to keep up with, but I guess it depends on the person.

  6. sounds lije youve had a great week

  7. loving the hair and make-up! Haha and i used to walk around with a stud on my nose with my head tilted when i was little because i wanted my nose pierced.


  8. you left city and you doing well girl. proud of you. I can't wait to hear you sing live. break away from all those fears.

  9. I've also been wavering about whether or not to get my nose pierced. It looks good on you!
    South Street Seaport has a Dippin Dots machine?!!! I know where I'm going soon...


  10. DEF loving those glasses you have on on the bottom right picture!!


  11. loving the weave and the glasses. !!!

  12. Lovely cat-eye sunnies :) thank you for the comment, you have a new follower :P

  13. I think a nose ring would suit you!

    Avengers was my favorite movie of the year & I think The Hulk made it onto EVERYONE's Favorite Person in The World list!


  14. you look gorgeous hun :)

    and yeah, your right, the chocolate and peppemint lip balm smells soo nice.. no fragrance in the other one though.. xx

  15. Looks like you had a great week! I enjoyed the Avengers sooo much I think I want to go see it again. Scarlett is gorge and I have a thing for Iron Man. He's my favorite Avenger =)

    I'm loving your black glasses too. Cute and creative!

  16. I tried to like dots but they do nothing for me.
    Your hair looks nice.


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