Jun 11, 2012

The Weekly Wrap-up

Weekly Wrap-up time!
  • I spent Saturday night in Atlantic City. Although I was apprehensive about going overnight (because I don't go to gamble, I go to shop!), I ended up having a great time!
  • There was a carnival on the boardwalk and I got on some rides with my god-sister. I'll do a post on that comedic melodrama soon *Giggle*
  • I had my first "White Russian" ^___^ Won't be my last! 
*No drinking if you are under age kids! 
  • I also had Johnny Rockets for the first time... again, won't be my last time! Next time, i'll actually try one of their famous milkshakes.
  • I cooked dinner for my mom and friend (who had me slaving doing her hair). I made Shrimp, green beans, yellow rice, and broccoli. It was a hit!
  • Those shades are also going to be in my line. Get excited folks!
  • It's not summer in the hood if you don't have an Italian Ice... from a Spanish lady on the corner of your block! Had my first of many for the summer, Bubblegum and Blueberry=YUM!

Now, in other random news: I found out this morning that my boo, Matthew Mcconaughey, is now married to his girlfriend of 6 years (Camilla Alves). 

It's a sad day y'all... 

*Giggle* Just kidding! Well... kind of anyway. Congrats to the new couple! All I know is, I'd better get a move on Ed Westwick (a.k.a Chuck Bass) quick! These men are being snatched up like flies in a venus fly trap!

Have a lovely week!



  1. Ok I thought I was the only one that went to AC and didn't gamble. LOL. Glad you had fun. :)


  2. Looks like fun and I'm totally with you on the italian ice!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Great photos, bet you had an amazing time at Atlantic city!

  4. Super funny post! Sounds like you had a super fun weekend as well. I've never been to Atlantic city...thinking about going ;-)

  5. I will not judge my cousin eheheh
    So cool and funny the happy smile with ketchup :P

  6. I absolutely LOVE these snapshots into your life! I haven't been to Atlantic City in years, so I love seeing it again! That Italian Ice looks so scrummy! :)

  7. Great outfit!!!!



  8. I haven't been to AC in a minute but you make me want to go ASAP! Great pics lady

  9. love it!


  10. the food you made sounds so yummy! i love food so much lol continue the enjoyment and dont slave yourself next time :)

  11. Looks like you had a good week haha

  12. I love your blouse! Sheer? That tone of pink looks good one you!

  13. such cool pics! like ur blog, would be happy if we could follow each other :)

  14. Hi sweetie, you look so cute and I love your pictures ;)
    I hope you'll like my blog ^^
    Kisses ♥

    (http://kitkatkorpan.over-blog.com) ^^


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