Jul 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

I haven't done one in 2 weeks because i spent them interviewing for potential job leads *fingers crossed* But have no fear, the Weekly Wrap-up is back!
  • I got my monthly Birchbox subscription and it is sponsored by Glamour Magazine. I will do a post on Wednesday.
  • My friend and I did lunch at Pazza Note in NYC on Sunday, the passion fruit margarita and tiramisu were YUMMY!!
  • I NEVER wear shorts (but you can't keep me away from a short dress lol). I tried these on at F21, and while I didn't buy them, I really liked how this top and short fit. What do you think? Should I go back and get them?
  • My friend and I decided we'd enjoy our day in Tribeca one day last week. We walked and walked until we ended up in Battery Park, and relaxed.
  • *GIGGLE* That same friend introduced me to a book called "Overcoming the Angry Vagina". After i finished laughing, I actually looked through the book and liked it. The author is a bit eccentric BUT, she has a lot of great things to say if you are in to holistic health and healing.
  • I got to enjoy two of my favorite things: Banana Pudding from Magnolia's in NYC and a dish native to my country of Grenada called Crabback.Needless to say, I was in oral heaven!
Now, in other news, the winner of my Confessions Of A City Girl and PrintRunner Giveaway is:
http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/5165250/" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congrats to Georgina of Notes On Lifestyle.

How is your summer going so far? Have you done everything you had on your summer bucket list?


  1. Hiii sherine you look fab ilove the pics and the only thig that i need to do is to go to the beach ... Xxo lia

  2. You look like you had the best week! Love the Shade son the last picture!!<3

    I followed, please follow back via GFC at Please follow back at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/

  3. o i wish i could afford Birchboxes!!!

    and that last pic with you and your glasses is SO cute!!


  4. I like the dress, and I think you should keep it. The title of that book is attractive...

  5. I've been craving banana pudding and almost bought some from Walgreens. When I realized how absurd that was I returned it to the cooler and MUST find an easy recipe like my step dad used to make. :(

  6. Giiiiirl you're lookin' good! Love this blog! Keep it up!



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