Oct 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

Weekly Wrap-up time!
  • I love tea, I mentioned this before while I was interning at Complex Media. In of my Birchbox's, I received two Le Palais des Thés - Thé du Hammam tea bags but only recently got around to trying them. OH MY GOSH! Talk about delicious! It is a rich blend of Chinese green tea, rose petals, and green dates with a faint overlay of orange flower water. It can be served hot or chilled. If you like teas, you should really try this, I know i'm going to purchase a box.
  • I interviewed with Tamiko White for an assistant position at her WhiteNoise Showroom in August. Little did I know that they would ask to film my interview for Tamiko's new reality show White Noise on ChicRebellion.tv! The interview was very real but Tamiko was super sweet so I didn't even think about the cameras being around. Check it out HERE (fast-forward to the 2:15 mark for my interview). Unfortunately, I had to turn down this internship opportunity but I expect to see and hear a lot more from her. She's an amazing business woman.
  • At my job, they have really cool events and really support indie artists. This group called Basement Batman came to play one afternoon and they were awesome! They have crazy amounts of swag and their music is great too. Check out their Facebook page if you like new music.
  • Speaking of new music, I attended Mel Carter's album listening session for his latest mixtape, Popular Stranger, last week. The party was hosted by Power 105.1 New York radio personality Charlemagne Da God and  LowKey from Youheardthatnew.com. The music was hot! I spoke about Mel a long time ago in my Artist Spotlight section when he released his first mixtape, Certified. He has a great personality (even though he was joking about me being vertically challenged a.k.a short lol) and he has great music. He is definitely on the way to greatness if he keeps working hard. 
*Oh, btw... Mel is actually Jay-Z's nephew. I guess the legacy continues...
  • I had a breakfast smoothie and it was so good I had to let you guys know! It consisted of strawberries, spinach, mangoes, pineapples, orange juice, plain yogurt and blueberries. YUMMY!

Hope you all have a productive and amazing week!



  1. Greatt week for you ;) love the pics coxo lia

  2. I love weekly wrap ups. THE TEAAAA! ugh. agree LOVE.


  3. I luvvv these photos of urs! Nice bog!

    - True

  4. That's really dope. You are gorgeous by the way. And I never heard of Mel Carter! I'm going to have to check him out. You keep me current ;)


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