Nov 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

I know I've been MIA. My sincerest apologies! I'm getting a new computer this week so i'll be able to post more!

In any event, here's the Weekly Wrap-up!

  • I attended a natural hair event that a friend of mine organized. It was a success! I even learned some tips and trick for my hair (even though i'm not 'natural'). I rocked very simple makeup that day, but i had to  have my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick in full effect ;-)
  • I'm in love with grey nail polish. This Essie "Power Clutch" color has been a favorite of mine since i received it from Birchbox.
  • Thanksgiving was awesome! The turkey was good (even though i'm not a turkey kind of girl). It was a great night with lots of laughs!
  • I got this ring last December and I loved it. I found it recently and wore it for a week straight!
  • My job is really big on celebrating cultures, so two weeks ago during the Indian celebration of Diwali, there was a small event in honor of the holiday. I got henna done and it was so cool! I got it on both my right and left hands and can you believe it's STILL on my hands?!
  • My best friend celebrated her 25th "23rd" birthday this week! I decided to celebrate her by baking her a cake, she loved it!

It was a great week, hopefully you all have a wonderful week too!



  1. that cake looks delicious, love Indian culture and traditions. Have a good week

  2. i completely adore those kind of rings !

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  4. LOL! Love the bday cake!! Forever young baby!
    Happy belated fellow scorpio xx


  5. A girl has to have her lipstick! It's an essential!

    Is the Essie nail polish a matte finish? It looks NOICCCCEE!

    I just got done telling someone I'm not really a turkey eater lol. But I'm glad your Thanksgiving was great.

    I'm curious to know about the crossed out 25. LOL did she truly turn 25 but we want to keep her young or is she really 23 but acts older?

    Miss Daja
    No Boiz Allowed

  6. Lovely pictures, and that essie polish looks so pretty!

  7. the henna tattoo looks amazing, it fits perfectly to your skin color,
    i love it <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  8. Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm sorry to reply now only..
    Btw I really like your scarf, really chic! and the cake seems yummy! (sure it was really good!)
    xoxo ~ Amandine

  9. hi .. thanks for the comment on my blog ..
    you are amazing girl ..)


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