Dec 3, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

Here's the Weekly Wrap-up!
  • I was in a baking mood early in the week, so I decided to bake. All I had was a gingerbread mix... so I made gingerbread cookies! I frosted them with chocolate frosting and sprinkled each with sugar. Yummy!
  • I got a toothache last Sunday night but I thought that it would go away on it's own. Fast-forward to Tuesday and I ended up in the ER pleading with the nurses to yank the wisdom tooth out of my mouth. Although they couldn't, the next day, I went to a dentist clinic and got not one but TWO wisdom teeth pulled! The picture on the left was taken RIGHT after they pulled my teeth. The picture on the right was my saving grace! Thank God for prescription drugs! 
  • I snagged my client, Kat Rodriguez, her first magazine cover! She will be the cover girl of the first issue of Fabulize Magazine. The crew was amazing for the day and we got some amazing shots.I'll keep you all updated on the details.
  • The creative director, Kushinda Little, and  decided to have a mini photo shoot ourselves. The stylists Ty and Yasin jumped in and decided to rock some of my Enerjiee eyewear. So cool!
It was an interesting week, but I made it through. Have a wonderful week too. 

Oh, and I joined Instagram. You can follow me @EnerjieebBySherine!


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