Jan 29, 2013

Beauty Talk: January Birchbox & Ipsy Glam Bag Review

It's the battle of the boxes! Birchbox VS Ipsy, Confessions Of A City Girl style!

I received both of my monthly subscriptions around the same time. At first I contemplated doing an individual post per subscription, then due to laziness ingenuity, I came up with the bright idea to combine the two. This monthly feature will be called Battle Of The Boxes. If you're interested to see what I got in each box, click below to find out!

In this month's box, I received 5 products. Here's the breakdown:
  • LASHEM: Measurable Difference Lash Gel Serum (sample) - This serum's supposed to give you longer, thicker lashes. It's derm-approved but I haven't used it yet, out of sheer apprehension. I have sensitive eyes, so I'm not sold on "lash growth" serums. Full size: $69.99 Sample Size: $5 (est.)
  • Skinny Chic by Harvey Prince (sample) - Apparently, this scent is said to boost energy and curb cravings... I don’t know about all that, since the prime scents are Green apple, Sweet Mint, and Amber and (yum combo), but it smells great! Full Size: $55 Sample Size: $1.10
  • Number 4: Clarifying Shampoo  (sample) - This clarifying shampoo doubles as a body wash. I don't know, two-in-one products scare me. What my hair needs and what my skin needs are two different things, but I'm willing to try it. It smells nice though. Full Size: $32 Sample Size: $6.67
  • the Balm in Hot Mama  (sample) - This peachy bronze color doubles as a two-in-one blush and highlight! It almost looks like NARS' Orgasm. I'm excited to try it and will definitely do a review. Full Size: $20 Sample Size: $2.71
  • Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream (sample) - This thick and creamy moisturizer was great for me since you all know i'm the Ash Queen. It smelled of cucumbers and freshness, BUT someone recently put me on to Pond's face cream. I am a changed woman. Plus, Ponds is only $8.50. Full Size: $42 Sample Size: $3.36
That was my Birchbox, now here's my Ipsy Glam Bag:

  • Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter (full size): Lord help me, this body butter smells DELICIOUS! Even better, it's actually super moisturizing (again, impressive to the Ash Queen). The scent permeates the entire room you are in, but not in an overbearing or disgustingly sweet way. It's also 100% vegan (if you care). Full Size: $7
  • SOHO Concealer Brush (full size) - Brushes are always tricky for me, because i'm a bit of a brush snob (yes, i said it), but this brush was great. It's synthetic fibers are soft yet firm and it also has an ergonomic handle. Retail: $8.99
  • Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil (sample) - I am honestly always excited to get a bottle of Argan oil. It's a miracle oil! I use it on my hair, cuticles, face, hands... wherever. I like it because there's never any greasy residue but i am left well moisturized. Since I've gotten this sample, it comes with me in my purse .. everywhere! Full Size: $14-$96 Sample: $5
  • Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Frappe (full size) - I am not a fan of red nail polish. Because of my skin tone, I have to have a certain hue of red. From the bottle, I don't like it. I will think about giving it a try, but it may end up a giveaway prize *Giggle* Full Size: $13
  • Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play (travel size) - I don’t use hair spray a lot, but I've heard so much about the Big Sexy Hair line, i'm excited to fry it. Full Size: $17.50 Travel Size: $2.50
Birchbox Total: $18.84 (estimated)
Ipsy Glam Bag Total: $36.49

Although both subscriptions are $10, in the last few months, Ipsy has continually given me more "bang for my buck". While I am not completely disappointed with the Birchbox, I will probably use 3/5 products (and that would be for the sake of sampling). With the Ipsy bag, I got many full size products and I will definitely use 4/5 of the products (I've already used 3 of the products).

This winner of this month's Battle of the Boxes: IPSY


*If you’re interested in Birchbox and want to sign up click HERE.


  1. The Ipsy box looks like my type of box! xoxo.

  2. Seems like there is a clear winner!

    Have a fantastic day,

  3. Great post and really nice blog! I think I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower!
    Don't forget to visit my blog too!:)

  4. lovely :)


  5. very niceee xxxx

  6. Ipsy it is then:) thanks for stopping by my blog.
    ** Style Id Net **

  7. I love your honesty!!!!
    I would choose the Ipsy Box too. Also, I've tried several things from Big Sexy and their products do exactly what they say.

    Miss Daja

  8. Ooh I love my GlossyBox! Your blog is really lovely btw! Am now a follower :D

    Would love a follow back :D


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