Mar 19, 2013

Article Feature: Sereine Magazine Talks "Enerjiee" With Sherine

Yesterday, my line Enerjiee, and I, were featured on Sereine Magazine as the "Career Woman Monday" feature. This is my first write up so I am beyond excited. Check out some excerpts from the interview and the CLICK HERE to read the full story!

On why I started Enerjiee:
"I was born with a lazy eye and as a kid growing up in Brooklyn; I had a difficult time accepting my “flaw”. I started wearing sunglasses every day after my 2nd surgery in 7th grade and by the time I got to college (3 surgeries later), eyewear was a part of me. The initial concept of Enerjiee was born when I started embellishing eyewear in college (out of boredom) and then I met someone who made it an actual career; I was fascinated! About a year later, I interned for that same designer and realized that I had fallen in love with designing and didn't want to look back. That’s how Enerjiee was born!"
On the piece that describes me and Enerjiee:
"Honestly, it’s the simplest one out of the bunch: Monroe. I have always been the kind of girl who loves classic beauty (Coco Chanel’s one of my favorite designers), but I never liked boring. Ever. Monroe is a mixture of classic and edge; a little bit of “I’m a lady” and a little bit of “f*ck you!” That’s me and that’s Enerjiee *wink*"
On the difficulties of being a new brand on the market:
"the biggest challenge has just been bringing my line to the awareness of others. I want my accessory line to be at the forefront of people’s thoughts when they think of accessory brands. I spend a lot of time just researching designers/boutiques/publications and reaching out. Some respond, a lot don’t, but all you ever really need is that one shot. I believe it’s coming for Enerjiee and it’s coming swiftly. I hope I’m ready."

What do you think about the interview? 



  1. Nice post hun I would wear this

    new site here

  2. Congratulations hunni!

    much love from NYC

  3. Congratulations Missy! Great achievement.

  4. CONGRATS HUN I didn't knew you design and I so love your sunglasses where do you sell it online and the interview looks great congrats once again.

  5. You go girl!Very inspirational. I love how your turned this "flaw" into a fabulous venture.Life will throw us curve balls, but it is how we spin it around for our own good that matters!I am so inspired girl.

  6. congratulations Sherine!! thanks for your visit and comment last time on my blog! you have a nice blog, so i start following you now!
    Dear Inès

  7. Congratulations I am also am accessories designer trying to lunch my own line. Love your interview n I love your blog. Pls do stop by mine.

  8. Congrats. You are very talented. The shades in that picture is really one of a kind! Fab! xx

  9. Awesome!

    Bjs, Tatty

  10. That looks like a cool sunglasses. You did a great job in the interview =)

  11. I need those. FIERCE. and moving interview.

    xoxo -

  12. congratulations hun. your designs are amazing.

    fikki xx

  13. Pretty awesome, cool stuff on the website. [Thanks for checking out my blog btw, u are now one of my daily reads]

  14. Great interview hunni and I love those sunglasses!!!

  15. Congratulations on the interview, your products are fabulous!

  16. Thanks for the mention Sherine. Anytime.


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