Apr 7, 2013

Sunday Inspiration: No Victory Without Struggle

Sunday Inspiration has been gone for a minute but i'm bringing it back for a second.

I graduated college almost 2 years ago and have yet to land a permanent job. I did all the right things; I interned at various places to build a nice resume, won my college thesis competition, and graduated cum laude. If you asked me in June of 2011 if I'd be here today, I would laugh without a care in the world. Fast-forward 7 internships, a temp gig, 1 year, 10 months, and 3 days later and... I'm not laughing.

Now, along the way, there have been many people who have offered me "advice".

  • "Why don't you just get a city job?"
  • "Just take anything until you find what you're looking for!"
  • "You know it's a recession, stop being picky!"
  • "Have you applied [insert something completely out of my field here]?"

At first I would get upset with people. I mean, how can you give me such terrible advice?!
Then, I reasoned  these people were giving me the suggestions they deemed best for my life. So instead of being mad, while they talked, I would daydream about unicorns. No, seriously, I would.

After a while, you get to a point where you ask yourself, "What the hell did I do wrong? Is everyone else right? Did I go to college to apply for a city job?" It can really take a toll on you.

Fortunately for me, I have always been a big dreamer and have never been afraid to go after whatever my "it" may be. Coming from a family of immigrants and being first-generation American, the juxtaposition between the two cultures can really teach you the meaning of perseverance.

I saw the above picture when I was deciding to start Enerjiee. I questioned myself because who really starts their own business with virtually no capital, no safety net, and no idea if it will work. After I read the quote, I knew I was on the right path. Nothing great has ever come without struggle. I believe in purpose and timing. If it isn't your purpose and it isn't the right timing, no matter what you do, you will not force the hand of the universe.

We all have our paths to walk, mine happens to be filled with struggle in the beginning. As difficult as it may be, I will not be aligned with mediocrity. I will devote myself to the idea of being GREAT. I will fight for it, I will cry over it, but I will not forget it's my dream. I'll make it happen and I want all of you to do the same. There is no victory without struggle.

What's your dream? How have you/will you make it happen?



  1. Thanks for sharing. I totally understand where you are coming from and like you, I asked my self "What the hell did I do wrong?" a gazillion times! I am 2.5 years out of grad school and still haven't landed a job in my field!I have a job but it's not where I want to be..Like you said, there is no victory without struggle and till I land that dream job, I am thinking big and putting my energy is my accessory line!

  2. Keep persevering - you WILL find your dream job and it will be all the sweeter when you walk into that office on your first day.
    People have so much to say when they know so little. Pay them no mind and keep dreamin about those unicornz xo

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Our struggles help shape us and prove to us what we're REALLY made of. I pray things look up from here on out and that all of your dreams come true!

  4. So inspirational, keep chasing the dream because it is reality. People can never understand the reality of another person's dream because it is not theirs.



  5. I love this! I'm glad to see you didn't give up on your dream!

  6. Great quote in the beginning! I will become a Doctor one day :)

    Hope you have a Superb Saturday!

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba

  7. Wow, this is beautiful. I love this. I think it's something a lot of people struggle with - the struggle itself. Sometimes it feels like because it's hard, it's not meant to be, but I think dreams are dreamt for a reason so they should always be followed, no matter how big or how small. Thanks for taking the time out to share yours and inspire others to follow in your footsteps of continuing to believe. My dream is to be a writer. It'll happen :)


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